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Learn from the past to define the future.


McPherson offers a major in history, a major in history and politics and a minor in history. Our program helps you explore the human experience and gather context on the perception of history while strengthening writing and research skills.

You’ll learn how history flows out of the decisions made during crucial points throughout time in your classes through the lens of historic decision-makers. A strong basis in history provides value in whatever career setting you pursue – museums, courtrooms, classrooms, government offices and more. It’s also a broad program that prepares you for post-graduate education.


  • History

    To prepare graduates for careers and post graduate education in history, museum studies, law, archival work, and related fields.

  • Politics and History

    To prepare graduates for careers and post graduate education in politics, government, law, library science and related fields.

Featured History & Politics Student Story

history student Tomi Simmons
  • "These classes are unconventional and exciting. I think if students knew how fun it is, there would be a lot more taking history.”

    Tomi Simmons '21, Political Science major / Communication minor

    One of the best things about the history program is the chance to participate in interactive games as part of the coursework. So far, Tomi has been in two interactive games – one in her World Civilization class where students portrayed historical figures like Gandhi, and the other in an American History class where students portrayed characters involved in women’s suffrage.

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  • Teaching Licensure

    History for Teaching Licensure (6-12)

Experiences & Outcomes

  • Phi Alpha Theta

    A professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians

    Phi Alpha Theta