Perspective changes everything.


Our community is grounded in the belief that learning far transcends the classroom. It happens in unexpected, but remarkable, ways.

Through an entrepreneurial attitude and experiential learning, you’ll earn the right mix of relevant soft skills and technical expertise for your future. The opportunities to travel abroad, serve the community, and explore career pathways are all part of your McPherson College experience.

  • Business Club trips

    Explore, experience and engage.

    No matter what stage you’re at in your degree or job search, McPherson College will help you shape your path to success. From internships to workshops, we connect you with professional development and career preparation opportunities during and after college.

    Career Services
  • Hannah McKay, Rome

    Gain a new perspective.

    Taking your education abroad can be one of the most impactful experiences you participate in while at college. At McPherson College, you have two options for studying abroad by designing a full study abroad experience or participating in specific international travel study courses.

    Study Abroad & Travel
  • Investments Class

    The entrepreneurial mindset.

    Students learn more when they are able to do more. Examples of this concept at McPherson College include the Horizon Fund that provides mini-grants for student ideas, and the Investments Class where students manage over $300,000 of the college’s endowment.


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