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Missing, Lost or Stolen Computer Equipment Policy

Each McPherson College unit or department is responsible for managing and securing the computer equipment assigned to it and for following the procedures described in this policy. Units or departments will be held accountable for the cost of replacing or repairing such equipment.

Lost or Stolen. Should loss or theft of computer equipment occur, the guardian of the asset (i.e., the employee to whom the equipment has been distributed) should first notify his or her immediate supervisor. The guardian or supervisor must report the incident immediately both to Facility Management (620-242-0470) and to Computer Services Helpdesk (620-242-0456). If the computer contained sensitive data, that MUST be reported as well. If the computer was lost, stolen or vandalized while the employee was traveling, the employee should immediately report the incident to local authorities.

Facility Management will conduct the formal investigation, taking a statement from the individual reporting the incident and generating a report with a case number and required information (items lost or stolen, when and where the loss or theft occurred, etc.). Computer Services Helpdesk will generate an internal tracking issue and assign it to the Director of Computer Services.

Computer Services will work with the guardian department to replace the computer equipment. If the lost or stolen asset is leased, Computer Services will inform the leasing company. Unless the item is covered by device warranty or campus insurance, the department reporting the incident is responsible for the cost of replacing each asset or reimbursing the leasing company. If replaced, the replacement asset will take the place of’ the original in the renewal lease schedule. If the department decides not to replace leased computer equipment, the remaining lease must be bought out by the department. In this situation, Computer Services will act as liaison between the department and the leasing company.

Insurance claims cannot be filed until Computer Services has received the Facility Management report and provided information on the new asset that will replace the stolen or damaged item. The department will need to provide to Computer Services the departmental account number from which funding should be transferred.

Damage.  If computer equipment is damaged, it should be reported immediately to the Computer Services Helpdesk (620-242-0456). Computer Services will generate an internal tracking issue for a service technician to assess the damage. The department may be charged for the repair if the damage is not covered under warranty. If a leased system was damaged beyond repair, the fair-market-value of the machine as determined by the college’s leasing company will be charged to the department. Repair or replacement of damaged leased computer equipment is the responsibility of the guardian department.  

Negligence. In cases of employee negligence, the guardian department may seek reimbursement from the employee to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Revised March 4, 2016

Employee Receipt for Company Property

Delivery of equipment to an end user requires the end user, or their direct supervisor, to be present to acknowledge and sign the equipment receipt form. This form will remain on file with Computer Services and will be used to collect all equipment provided when a user leaves McPherson College.

Refusal to sign the form will require Computer Services to reclaim all equipment slated for delivery. Future attempts to deliver the equipment will require attendance of both the end user and their direct supervisor.

Updated: July 12, 2016

DMCA Agent

McPherson College has designated the Director of Computer Services as the “Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement”. McPherson College has registered this agent with the US Copyright Office.

Contact Information:

Full Address:
McPherson College
Attn: Director of Computer Services
PO Box 1402
1600 East Euclid
McPherson, KS 67460

Telephone: 620-242-0456
Fax: 620-241-8443
Email: [email protected]

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