Q: Can I visit the restoration facility?
A: We are happy to host groups of all sizes from individuals to large car clubs. We just ask that you call ahead and make an appointment so we are able to host your group accordingly.

Q: What is Jay Leno’s connection to McPherson College?
A: Jay Leno continues to be a generous supporter of the program, sponsoring two scholarships. He has a standing invitation to visit campus.

Q: What types of vehicles are restored?
A: We work on a wide range of vehicles from the early 1900’s horseless carriages up through the muscle car era.

Q: What is done with the cars after they complete restoration?
A: After our vehicles have been completed, they will be used for promoting the college at shows and events, allowing students to see their work on display. The vehicles are generally sold at auction to help finance the next round of projects.

Q: Does McPherson College restore cars for individuals?
A: Typically, no. However, we do contract to restore parts such as engines, transmissions, rear-ends and trim projects.

Q: I don’t think I have enough experience to get into this program. Should I go somewhere else first to gain experience?
A: Experience is not a prerequisite to get into the program. We exist to give you the experience you need to succeed.

Q: I really like this program and the school, but it just seems too expensive. What can I do?
A: With financial aid and scholarships, McPherson College is affordable. We offer very competitive financial aid packages and generous scholarships.

Q: Are there jobs available in this field, and how much money can I make?
A: Yes, this is a thriving career path with numerous jobs available. Salaries differ extensively based on what you do and where you go. Our graduates are all over the world, involved in every facet of the restoration industry.

Q: What if I decide I don’t want to do restoration as a career?
A: Great! We have graduates from the program who are just into restoration as a hobby. One of the reasons your degree from McPherson College is so powerful is because you can get a second major right alongside restoration and still finish in four years.

Q: What if I don’t have four years to go back to college?
A: If you have an interest in learning how to restore your own vehicle, but are not able to go back to school, we offer a number of one week courses every June with our institute program.