Current Assessment Activities

Current assessment activities include information about a variety of projects and activities completed or currently underway related to student learning, institutional priorities and decision-making, and accountability requests.

Assessment Committee priorities:

  • Provide academic department and unit feedback on 2017-2018 annual assessment reports
  • Collaborate with faculty to aggregate, present, and act upon general education assessment findings
  • Encourage assessment grant applications, 3 awarded in 2017-2018
  • Prepare for Higher Learning Commission visit February 25-26, 2019


  • Gather additional data related to students’ information literacy skills
  • Prepare for Higher Learning Commission visit February 25-26, 2019
  • Administer general education assessment fall 2018 and spring 2019
  • Academic departments work toward completing general education rubrics
  • Dr. Joan Hawthorne, University of North Dakota, professional development workshop-Best Practices in Rubric Design. Faculty complete a general education rubric to use for formative assessment.
  • Mini assessment grant awarded to Facilities & Maintenance unit to help purchase software to measure and improve safety effectiveness, unplanned equipment downtime and reduce costs.
  • Conduct pilot test of general education assessment in fall and spring semesters. Train faculty scoring teams in rubric calibration protocol.
  • Administer the Student Satisfaction Inventory.
  • Units implement their 2016-2017 assessment plans related to institutional effectiveness and submit an annual report.
  • Assist faculty in choosing a general education assessment model and process for implementation.
  • Administer the CAAP exam to juniors-critical thinking, mathematics, and essay writing.
  • Administer the NSSE to freshmen and senior students.
  • Academic departments implement their 2015-2016 assessment plans.
  • Units complete an assessment plan to implement in 2017-2018 including a unit mission statement and direct assessment methods.
  • Reviewed and revised general education student learning outcomes.
  • Academic department annual assessment plans explicitly include direct assessment measures.
  • Created a scoring rubric for assessment committee members to provide feedback on annual assessment plans.
  • Discussed unit annual assessment planning criteria for 2016-2017.
  • Four faculty members attended a workshop in Kansas City titled “Assessment by Design”.
  • Continued to organize and add to the McPherson data warehouse-an archival database of institutional data.