Pre-Professional Programs

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At McPherson College, you can pursue a pre-professional program which will prepare you for specialized training or advanced study beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Your advisor will help you select courses at McPherson to meet entrance requirements of other schools and programs. Faculty members will assist you with the application process at professional schools.

Programs include:

All accredited law schools now require four years of college training for admission. The general program of the pre-law student should be planned with this fact in mind. Recommended majors for pre-law students include Philosophy and Religion: Pre-Law, Sociology (Criminal Justice emphasis), and Politics and History. The pre-law student should be broadly versed in the liberal arts and take the LSAT Prep course (PR 375B) at McPherson College.

Students who prepare for application to medical, osteopathic or dental school should complete a baccalaureate degree in any field. The recommended degree is Biochemistry, which provides the best collection of courses suggested by most medical or health professional schools.

Three years of college are the minimum requirement to be considered for admission to optometry or podiatry school; however the vast majority of students admitted have completed a college degree, majoring in one of the sciences. The recommended degree at McPherson College is Biochemistry, which provides the best collection of courses suggested by most health professional schools.

Students preparing for a career in pharmacy may attend McPherson College for at least two years during which the following courses must be taken: 20 hours chemistry, 16 hours biology, 4 hours mathematics, 4 hours physics, and 16 hours English, economics, and other electives in the social sciences and humanities. A faculty member of the Natural Science Department serves as Pre-Health Advisor and should be consulted when planning a program to meet a specific school’s admission requirements.

Physical Therapy/Physician Assistant
A transition is under way in the physical therapy and physician assistant fields from training that culminates in a baccalaureate degree to programs that grant the master’s degree. Therefore, pre-physical therapy and pre-physician assistant students may complete a baccalaureate degree at McPherson College. The recommended degree is Biochemistry, which provides the best collection of courses suggested by most health professional schools.

Social Work
McPherson College has well prepared its students majoring in the Behavioral Sciences for entrance into Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) degree programs. The pre-professional program at McPherson College commits itself to fostering student learning in career-oriented liberal arts so that students are prepared for community service and/or graduate study in social work. Students who have acquired knowledge and skills requisite for entry into the field of social services and graduate social work education demonstrate proficient knowledge, understanding, and application of psychological and sociological theories and concepts.

Veterinary Medicine
At least two years of college are required to be considered for admission into veterinary school. The student will plan an appropriate course of study with the help of a faculty advisor. Courses are selected at McPherson College in order to meet requirement of the specific school of veterinary medicine to which the student plans to apply.